The Daily Digest (Stadium options narrow, Dziedzic won special in SD 59, Mayo Clinic before SCOTUS)

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Many groups are remembering the day with ceremonies.

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association and Fort Snelling National Cemetery Memorial Rifle Squad will host a remembrance ceremony at the Veterans Service building this morning.

Under the Dome

Minneapolis city officials have picked a renovated Metrodome site as the best option for the Vikings.

The White Earth Tribe proposed a metro casino for a stadium.

Gov. Dayton is still mulling whether to appeal a temporary restraining order the ends forbids some child care workers from voting to join a union.

Minnesota is among the state’s with the least prescriptive laws against bullying.

Dayton also attended a fundraiser for food shelves.

The U of M Board of Regents will consider a tuition hike for business students.

A new union is steadily attracting new members from the law enforcement community.

Special Election

Kari Dziedzic won the DFL primary in Senate District 59.

Susan Allen won the DFL primary in House District 61B.


The Washington Post says Congress is moving very slowly this year. The number of bills passed and signed into law is much lower than other years.

The Mayo Clinic’s lawyers will argue a patent case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Chief of the FAA quit his position after getting arrested for drunken driving.

The FDA will work with a trade group to speed up the approval process for medical devices.

The U.S. will use foreign aid to defend gay rights abroad.

Federal officials released a scathing report on actions taken by a West Virginia mine. The Hill says GOP Rep. John Kline praised the report’s findings but didn’t say whether he would support additional mine safety legislation.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz testified in support of a bill that would ban insider trading in Congress.

The proposed PolyMet copper mine is facing more delays in the timetable to finish its environmental review. GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is mentioned.

Congress looked at allowing cameras in the U.S. Supreme Court. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar held the hearing.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison introduced a constitutional amendment that would regulate how political campaigns are financed.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says there will “hardly be any money” in the bioenergy sector in the next Farm Bill.

Minnesota farmers are stuck in the MF Global scandal.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack attended the White House Christmas party on Monday night.

Race for MNGOP Chair

Former Speaker Steve Sviggum tells MPR News “That’s not true” when asked if he’s a possible candidate for MNGOP Party Chair.

Pat Shortridge, who worked for Marco Rubio, Dick Armey and Mark Kennedy, says he’s thinking about running for the position.

John Gilmore says Mike Vekich also declined to make a run.

Race for President

President Obama used a speech in Kansas to vow a fight for the middle class.

Massachusetts releases Mitt Romney’s records.

Romney will appear on Fox News Sunday this weekend. It’s the first time since March of 2010 that he’ll appear on a Sunday morning talk show.

Newt Gingrich has a double digit lead in a new national poll.

AP says Newt Gingrich’s long record in D.C. is coming back to haunt him.

MPR reports that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann criticized her competitors in a tele-town hall forum.

An eight-year-old boy tells Bachmann that his mom is gay and doesn’t need “fixing.”

Bachmann also says Donald Trump’s “question of bias” is keeping her from signing up for his debate.

Two students challenged Rick Santorum in Iowa.

Rick Perry called some of his top donors from government phones.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Rick Perry called some of his top donors from government phones.

    Perry’s Texas has been a cesspool of corruption for years, and now he gets nailed for using government phones? LOL. It’s surreal, like Al Capone being caught for income tax evasion. When the time to act finally comes, the weapon of choice is apparently whatever is handy.