White Earth tribe proposes casino for stadium

From MPR’s Tim Nelson…

White Earth tribal chairwoman Erma Vizenor is in town to testify to the stadium finance hearing this afternoon. Word has been that they’re going to make an offer to help fund a Vikings stadium.

People familiar with the situation say the tribe will offer to build a new casino in the Twin Cities that would earn $300 million in net revenues, to be split between the state and the tribe.

The casino would have about 150 table games, and approximately 4,000 machines. A single-pager making its way around says the deal would also ban any more Twin Cities casinos be built until the White Earth casino mortgage is paid off.

Bill Haas, lobbyist for the White Earth Tribe, says the offer is legit and the tribe plans to bring it forward in today’s hearing.


  • el

    Appears on the surface to be a reasonable, feasible idea that provides benefits to both sides of the casino “fairness” debate. Lets see if the dems and reps actually pick this up for consideration rather than running around in circles. Only question is what happens if Mpls is picked as the stadium spot, does White Earth still intend to propose the idea for that city as well?

  • Just a mom

    The take home quote in this proposal – “Preserves the exclusivity of Native American gaming in Minnesota” – is all we need to know.

  • john McCormick

    Re “preserves the exclusivity”..That is the deal the state made and the deal they should stand by.

  • Phyllis Caruth

    I am from the White Earth Tribe!! Does this also mean if they build a Casino in the Twin Cities, that I and many other band members might see some money coming our way? Like the other Tribes? Such as Mil Lacs, Mystic Lake, Fondulac and I am sure alot of others, we haven’t seen any money from the Casino in Mahnomen Minnesota!! If the Stadium gets Money I think the Band Members should also!!!

  • Adam

    The state never gave the tribes exclusive gaming rights. In fact, in return for not giving the tribes exclusive gaming rights, the state takes no money from the Tribal casinos.

  • CJ

    John McCormick….show me the exclusivity. The IGRA or Indian Gaming Regulatory Act says states have the right to a monopoly if they give a portion of the proceeds to the state, thus it can be renegotiated. Can you provide this proof for what you speak? Or simply another business seeking to minimize competition?


  • CJ

    John….beat you to it!!!!! Here is the Q & A from the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association’s website…

    41. Do Indian tribes have a monopoly on gambling in Minnesota?

    No. There is no law or agreement between tribes and the state that would prohibit the state from operating casinos if it chooses to do so. The state already operates the lottery. In addition, non-profit organizations sell charitable pulltabs, and pari-mutuel racing and card games are offered at Canterbury Park and Running Aces Harness Track.

    Entitled your opinion…not your facts!

  • samiam

    This is a great idea and solves a lot of problems. It also would redirect some gaming dollars from the multimillionare Mystic Lake Tibe to the poor White Earth tribe Frankly the state could use the 150 million a year once the facility is paid for

  • Doug

    What do you think

  • Colezy

    Phyllis Caruth! poor you get a job!!! why should you get free money? it’s only the 6th is your welfare check gone already?

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    2000 new job places and even more workers at construction also look very good.

  • Dick Adams

    Whoa!! Put the brakes on the extraneous comments here! The important bottom line is that this proposal, which seems serious, MUST be widely shared. Get it to the media! Taxpayers (bluenoses excepted) would be thrilled that no tax money would be needed. The team would/should be thrilled that they have a responsible partnership in this proposal. Arden Hills/Ramsey County get the casino, a hotel, the team, and, I’m sure, a bunch of new revenue from shops, etc. in the complex and the immediate area. Sorry, Minneapolis, but this is no time for arrogance; you’re not the only good location around (beside, takiung the Farmer’s Market is a dumb idea). This is a win-win and should be pursued to the limit. Go Vikes!! Go tribe!!