Bachmann rips GOP competitors in telephone call with supporters

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann underscored her conservative credentials in a telephone conference call with supporters on Tuesday evening. In the call that lasted more than an hour, Bachmann also sharply criticized some of her fellow GOP presidential nomination contenders.

“I am the one, true core-conservative in this race. We have a lot of great pretenders out there, a lot of frugal socialists that want to be president, not me. I am the true core-conservative who’s been the consistent fighter,” said Bachmann.

Bachmann said she was not interested in “trashing the candidates,” but instead wanted to “bring clarity.”

“There’s a big difference,” said Bachmann. “We’re really down to just a few candidates that are viable and today Newt Gingrich is number one in the polls and Mitt Romney is also up in the polls and Ron Paul also has a following. Here’s what you need to know: Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are the consummate insiders in this race.”

Bachmann criticized Gingrich for money he’s accepted for “influence peddling.” She called Romney and Gingrich the “father and grandfather of ObamaCare,” and she criticized both for past positions on global warming, legalized abortion and same-sex marriage.

Throughout the call, Bachmann urged supporters to donate time and money to her effort to win the Iowa caucuses which will take place on January 3.

“These next few weeks are crucial. We will decide if we have a great pretender for our nominee, somebody who’s going to be no different at all from the past politicians in Washington, people taking $100 million dollars or more because they’re for sale for the highest bidder, or will it be somebody who actually agrees with you and you can have that chance. You can tell your children and your grandchildren that, when it was time to step up, you stepped up,” Bachmann said appealing for supporters to give their “very best donation” to her campaign.

Bachmann cited recent endorsements and poll improvements as evidence her campaign “is surging.”

  • Dennis

    2000 years ago, the Roman Philosopher Cicero wrote the 6 mistakes of man which if you read are so very true even today. His number 1 is stated as “The delusion that individual advancement is made by crushing others”. To me it points out more flaws in the spokesperson than in the limitation of the intended recipient.

    Michele is not unique here, but it is truly sad that our polititians feel they need to downgrade/stomp on their opponent instead of highlighting their own strengths and their differences with their opponents.

    Such is politics…. very sad.

  • Chris

    Mrs Bachman is correct about Mr Romney and Mr Gingrich but not about what she said about being a true “Conservative”. Case in point, look at her recent “fear mongering” debate answers on National Security and War. We will be in WWIII with her as President.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only true “Conservative” among the GOP candidates. He has fought for personal liberty for decades! Notice that Mrs Bachman does not take a shot at Dr. Paul. That is because she knows there is not much to criticize.

    If you don’t want more unconstitutional war, over spending, over taxation and the status quo, then don’t fall for the lies that these so called “Conservatives” are feeding us. Remember, your vote CAN restore true liberty in the United States.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

  • Chris Cantwell

    Michele Loses all credibility when she calls herself a “Constitutional Conservative” while supporting the Patriot Act, if she wants a conservative president, then she should acknowledge her wrongdoing, bow out of the race, and endorse Ron Paul for President.

    This pathetic display of begging for money is as ridiculous as her husbands pray away the gay clinic.

    Maybe she should return all her farm subsidies, and the government money she took for raising all those kids she likes to brag about, if she is so pissed off about these “frugal socialists”

    We’re lucky she doesn’t stand a chance.

  • John Crampton

    Why does Minnesota Public Radio feel compelled to report every stupid and vicious word that comes out of this moron’s mouth? If people had to take a saliva test in order to vote she would never get elected. Michelle Bachmann is christian nazi trailer trash—- nobody can stand her. Why don’t you report on something real like the number of children who live in poverty or whose families are homeless.

  • John P II

    Like it or not, our state does have a presidential candidate and I think MPR is giving Ms. Bachmann the proper amount of coverage due a “local” candidate. Depending on my mood I find her either ridiculously entertaining or pathetically sad, but I do appreciate the coverage either way.

  • Loretta Neal

    Michele Bachmann is the true social & fiscal conservative. The ones that think we cannot be critical of other candidates are the type of people that got us Obama. He wanted to change America and he meant destroy America. We need to be warned about all the candidates running. If they have baggage we have a right to know. If we want God to Bless America again we need a Godly candidate. And the one that comes the closes to Godly is Michele Bachmann… Man cannot stop the damage that is being done to our country. But, God can & will if we refuse to vote for a candidate that will not take God into the White House if elected. We need a praying nation & a praying president. We have seen so much corruption in the government. Just recently finding out that numerous leaders were involved with inside trading. Martha Steward went to prison for that. Michele Bachmann was as shocked as we were about this scandal. The people in Congress should not be above the law. I hope America wakes up & realize we cannot elect anymore crooked politicians if we want a better America. A politician that has fear & respect to God will have the most integrity. Even if you are an atheist you should want a christian as a leader. Because they will support your right to have your own belief. Please support Michele Bachmann and help this nation turn back to God & Godly values and have a better economy & a safer America. You have this one chance to get it right . Please do not elect another crooked politician that will just be concerned for what will benefit him.

  • kliberty

    I like Michele Bachmann and think she will make a great President. Her core of conviction certainly seems to make the “do what feels good” crowd uncomfortable. America was founded based on freedom from religious persecution, so we do Christians now suffer censorship and oppression to express ourselves?

  • Leslie A Howard-Redweik

    Sorry, but anyone with sense wants all the info including the bad on candidates to make a decision. ANY decision for that matter, you want to know possible negatives. If you get married, take a job, have a medical procedure you don’t want to know for certain any negatives to it? But you’re okay not knowing everything to hand over the most powerful position in the world? lol

    Sadly, you can’t really rely on the news to get those out so fine with me if candidates tell us. Even if the media weren’t biased they just don’t go into details like that. The candidates can all defend themselves -if there is a defense. I mean if they can’t handle that, they simply don’t belong in the White House. And if voters can’t handle that, they probably shouldn’t vote. You want to vote because you “feel warm and fuzzy” based on half-truths or based on all the honest facts of the candidates?

    I looked into them, ALL of them, good and the bad (esp. the bad, easiest way to eliminate someone) and Rep. Bachmann easily comes out on top. Not just votes, but integrity issues, endorsements they made, deals they made, associations, anything that tells you what this person really is etc… I had way too long of lists of problems on every single one of them (okay, Paul, Iran/Nukes etc… was all I needed so I didn’t do a lot on him past that to be honest, that was a deal breaker without going farther.)

    With Bachmann, there are only a few votes I didn’t agree with and that was about it (I can’t even agree with my spouse on EVERYTHING) but seriously nothing like the others so I’d have to say she’s right and accurate. She’s has my vote – based on ALL the info.

  • Leslie A Howard-Redweik

    Sorry again! Hopefully someone can delete those… major blip going on there…

  • frankallen

    Bachmann is the principled Conservative who will be an outstanding President.