Searching for sixties; more remarkable Michael damage scenes

The weather maps are finally warming up.

We enjoy more bright blue skies Wednesday and less wind. Highs top out around 50 degrees across southern Minnesota with low 40s up north.

Then ideal “warm advection” kicks in. Thursday brings all day sunshine combined with a dry breeze from the southwest. That will warm things up in a hurry. Temps hit 70 in western Minnesota Thursday. Highs near 60 push all the way to the Iron Range.

The weekend looks cooler. Saturday features a chilly northwest breeze and possibly a few flurries with highs in the 40s. Sunday temperatures warm back into the 50s on southwest winds.

Short ‘snow-free’ season

Who can forget the “Dayton’s Monkey Blizzard” last April? The last flakes from that storm flew on April 16. The first flakes this fall flew on Oct. 14. That’s 180 days between snows, the 16th shortest snow-free season on record in the Twin Cities.

More Michael damage

The damage images from Hurricane Michael continue to astound. These trees were neither uprooted nor snapped.

Large areas still look like a war zone.

Power outages are nearly total in Panama City.

Millions of trees damaged.

  • There has been a lot of talk about building codes and how bulking them up in the panhandle to S. FL standards would be a good idea. Perhaps, but as the photos and videos show, building codes cannot save Florida from storms this severe. Unfortunately, the sea level rise coupled with the increase in severity and frequency of storms will do Florida in.