Historic ‘Dayton’s monkey blizzard’ sets records

So much for “Winter Storm Xanto.” Some Minnesotans seem to prefer the “Dayton’s monkey blizzard.”

The massive storm outperformed several model projections. A large swath of 10 to 20 inches covered a big chunk of Minnesota. So far the highest snowfall total I’ve seen is 22 inches in Maple Grove in the northwest Twin Cities.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data, via Iowa Emergency Management

Records fall

Data is still preliminary. But here’s a list of the likely records this storm has generated. Data is for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

  • 15.7 inches storm total at MSP is biggest April snowstorm on record.
  • 12th biggest snowfall in Twin Cities’ history.
  • 26.9 inches snowiest April on record for the Twin Cities.
  • 79.1 inches 8th snowiest winter season on record.
  • 71.1 inches of snow since January 1st is snowiest start to a calendar year on record.
  • 1st blizzard warning in 35 years for Hennepin and Ramsey counties. (Since April 1983)

This remarkable storm has earned its place in the record books.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m dreaming of a white 4th of July…

    • Jared

      Just like the ones my grandkids will know

  • Rob

    Is it really fair to say that the storm outperformed model projections? I remember a lot of “terrifying” model projections that weren’t all that much higher than what we got, including some that you yourself said you discounted due to limiting factors.

    Personally, the only thing keeping me laughing instead of crying is how over the top this storm was. At least we set records!

  • Sheila Zwettler

    thanks for sharing my cartoon!

  • John

    I was looking at NOAA’s Snow Analysis Map and see that the entire state of Minnesota and Wisconsin has at least 2 inches of snow on the ground (most of this area has far more!). That must be some kind of record for Mid April! The same site also shows the water equivalent in the snowpack. It is quite high in southern Minnesota, particularly along the Minnesota river watershed. Being mid-April, I worry about a quick warmup along with spring thunderstorms resulting in the potential for flooding. Is this of particular concern?
    Paul- Is your crystal ball showing any warmup in the near future? Please say yes! My sanity needs reinforcement!