Who do you support in the Minnesota Senate race?

Sen. Al Franken and businessman Mike McFadden have their final debate Sunday in a spirited race for the U.S. Senate.

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Today’s Question: Who do you support in the Minnesota Senate race?

  • Kathleen

    At least Franken is trying to have an intelligent conversation. He’s covered an array of issues from hedge fund managers to student loan debt to payment of rape kits. He, more than any other candidate, has campaigned equally on what he’s accomplished and what he will do or is still working on.

  • Duane

    The Democrat’s will continue the slow pace to recovery, supporting many issues that the majority of the voters fail to support, The Republicans would be able to have the hundreds of bill passed by the house finally taken up in the Senate and sent to the president. The hold up is Sen. Reed and his blocking of the many bills sent over by the house.

    • ikihi

      democrats kill the economy

      • coffeetrixxee

        Look East wo Wisconisn.
        Minnesota is doing great compared to the red states in the upper midwest.

  • Kevin

    Franken, because a Republican would be a disaster.

    • ikihi

      democrats kill jobs. high taxes send jobs overseas. open borders kills jobs for legal immigrants…

      • kevins

        How original.

  • Michael

    I’ll vote for anyone against Al “carpetbagger” Franken.

  • tooleey

    So often there are people who will vote against the incumbent for everything that went wrong in their life since the last election, whether it has anything to do with him or not. The truth is, it happens often because it’s “the easiest thing to do”, blame the guy in office.

    • ikihi

      im voting out all democrat morons

      • Hans Mouritzen

        I’m voting out all the republican morons.

        • coffeetrixxee

          I’m with you.
          +1 Democrats

  • ikihi

    democrats kill jobs. high taxes send jobs overseas. open borders kills jobs for legal immigrants.

    • David P.

      Democrats kill jobs? Really? According to the US Department of Labor data covering the past 60 plus years, exactly the opposite is true.
      The US has seen reduced unemployment by every Democratic administration since the Great Depression, only Reagan can make that claim among Republicans.
      Corporate tax rates are lower now than the they were when Reagan was President. In fact, they are lower than any time since Truman.
      I am pretty confident you’d never let actual facts interfere with your opinions. So have at.

      • Jamie

        Unscrupulous administrations allowing/encouraging massive illegal immigration create the environment for companies to hire “undocumented workers”

        • David P.

          From the Department of Homeland Security, there has been a steady decline in border crossing since 2004. Reporting on Border Patrol activity:
          – 2004, there were 1,160,328 detentions, 633 “expedited returns”, and 1,012,516 voluntary returns.
          – 2008, there were 723,646 detentions, 75,865 “expedited returns” and 567,000 voluntary returns.
          – 2012, there were 364,768 detentions, 145,245 “expedited returns” and 80,516 voluntary returns.
          The two main reason cited for the reduction in crossings are the improved economy in Mexico and the increased likelyhood of running afoul of the law in the United States.
          As for ICE, there were 371,235 removals in 2008 and 409,849 removals in 2012.
          Clearly there has been more aggressive activity in regards to acting on border security and the undocumented workers in this country since President Obama took office.

          • Who depends on “facts” to make a decision?


  • Jerome

    Who is the spammer who apparently is incapable of doing anything other than stick to tea party script? Compare Mn to WI, my friend—you’ll see that cutting spending on education, infrastructure, etc. is not the way to recover from a recession.

  • Hans Mouritzen

    Al Franken has done a great job in the Senate and has been very good for Minnesota.

  • theoacme

    None of the above. I would rather be raped, tortured, and burned alive, than even give a drink of PolyMet eflluent water to any of these candidates, much less vote for them.

    McFadden – on a scale of zero to ten, where zero would be Satan himself, Mike would rate a minus 666.

    Franken – one vote – the unanimous Senate vote to support the State of Israel’s recent genocide of Gazan women and children – automatically disqualifies him from any respect from me whatsoever, despite his otherwise adequate performance. Without that vote, perhaps a 5 or 6 – with it, a minus 661.

    (The fact that Mike McFadden would cheerfully have voted for the Senate resolution supporting the State of Israel’s recent genocide of Gazan women and children, does not excuse Senator Franken’s vote.)

    The other two – Steve Carlson isn’t even endorsed by the Independence Party, and has been sent to Coventry by them, so his minus 666 rating doesn’t matter.

    And Heather Johnson surprised me – there was one issue that she was in concordance with me upon – copper mining – EXCEPT that the Libertarian Party’s beliefs would would strip the government of the abilities to enforce the standards. And the Libertarian Party would blindly trust PolyMet to obey the standards, for 500 years, without sticking the taxpayers (e.g., me, and everyone else in the United States, and possibly Canada as well) with the huge bill. Since otherwise, she would have a minus 666 rating, Johnson gets an adjusted minus 665 rating.

    Who would I rather vote for, given a chance? Too bad Russell Feingold doesn’t live in Minnesota – I would vote for him, even if I was told that I, and every member of my family, would be raped, tortured, and burned alive immediately upon my voting for him. Barb Goodwin also has that level of respect from me – I wish I lived in her Minnesota Senate district, so I could vote for her.

    • Sue

      Is that all you have to offer? demonizing and name calling? These people are our fellow citizens and should be treated with some respect even though you dissagree. There is always some “common ground” that can be found if you take the time to look.

    • ellie

      I hope you have written to Franken to tell him your opinion.

  • Amanda

    Just a quick question. If liberals hate rich people so much why do they support Franken? Doesn’t make sense.

    • David P.

      Why do you feel liberals hate rich people?

      • Sue

        Because all you hear from them is that corporations, big oil and banks are BAD and demonized. I wish Atlas Shrugged was required reading in high school before our kids get trapped in our so called “higher education” system.

        • coffeetrixxee

          You know Ms Rand wrote fiction, don’t you? Perhaps you can study some economic hsitory and learn how this nation built the middle class through shared investment in infrastructure and education, instead of exalting greed and elitism.

          • PaulJ

            The middle class was a result of the US being the only nation left standing after WWII.

          • Yanotha Twangai

            On the contrary. Were in not for the moderating influence of things like the progressive income tax, social security, and public works spending, the postwar boom would have served mainly to further enrich the already rich, much like the supposedly growing economy is doing today after more than three decades of Republican efforts to roll back such government “interference” in the free market. We’ve overcorrected from the liberal excesses of the 60s and 70s. Now, if we want the middle class to rebound, we need to put some of those things back.

          • Jamie

            We’ve doubled down on the liberal excesses of the 60s and 70s.

          • Yanotha Twangai

            Obviously your mind is made up, so there’s no point in my trying to confuse you with the facts.

  • Sue

    Franken votes lock step with POTUS. Those votes grow government which restricts MY ability to make choices in what we consider a “free country”. It’s gotten so bad over the years that you cant walk outside your door without breaking some law. Big government is not our friend. State’s rights are all but gone. I’ve asked both my senators and reps to post on their web sites their daily schedules so I know who they are meeting with and exactly how much time they are actualy spending on the people’s business. I can’t even get a response to that simple request.

    • Rich in Duluth

      The argument that a Democratic senator votes in “lock step” with the President is a red herring. Since Democrats in Congress and the President share a common philosophy about government, of course they will take a similar stand on issues. The Republicans do the same.

      As for big government not being your friend, consider this. Business has and will do as it pleases to make a profit without regard to the environment, compensation to employees, truth in advertising, safety of products, or diminishing resources. Without big government to set regulations for environmental protection, product safety, work place safety, minimum wages, access to health care, etc. we would be back in the sweat shop, Love canal, and snake oil days.

  • PaulJ

    Franken, because he is an excellent speaker.

    • Hey Der

      That is clearly NOT a good basis on which to vote. I hope you’re kidding.

      What policies are you in favor of?
      Which candidate most likely will support and defend the constitution?
      Which candidate more closely shares your views on foreign policy, on economic policy, on citizens’ privacy rights?

  • Khatti

    Franken. One of the many reasons I can’t wait for tomorrow to come and go is that, hopefully, there will be more interesting questions here after the election.

  • DudeistPriest

    All of the Franken signs in my Arden Hills / New Brighton neighborhood were stolen last night.

  • Moira Heffron

    Haven’t agreed with everything he’s done, but don’t expect to. Already voted for Franken.

  • Mark

    Al Franken. I pay zero attention to any political ads – not a difficult feat, as I don’t watch TV. My information on all candidates comes from having heard the debates, and their own public comments. All of their campaign spending is, as far as I am concerned, a huge waste of money, and I can’t help but ponder the good that such money could do, if redirected elsewhere.