U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer announced Thursday that he is endorsing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in his campaign for president.

The 6th District Republican made his announcement on social media the same day Trump locked up enough GOP delegates to secure the party nomination.

“I have long said I would support the eventual nominee, and today Donald Trump clinched that position,” Emmer wrote. “Like most people, I’ve never agreed with a presidential candidate 100 percent of the time. But I am 100 percent sure that this country cannot afford Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the White House.”

Emmer also urged his fellow Republicans to unite behind Trump.

“Now is the time for unity to maintain our majorities in Congress and take back the White House,” he said. “We must stand together to bring real reforms forward.”

Minnesota’s other two Republican Congressmen, John Kline and Erik Paulsen, have previously said they planned to support the party’s eventual nominee.


Gov. Mark Dayton talks to reporters following an event at Land O’ Lakes, Inc. headquarters in Arden Hills. Tim Pugmire | MPR News

Gov. Mark Dayton says he plans to tell legislative leaders next week what his requirements would be for a potential special session.

Many lawmakers want another chance to act on the bonding bill that failed to make it to the governor’s desk in the closing minutes of the 2016 session.

Dayton told reporters Wednesday that he will start thinking about a special session this weekend, after he’s acted on the remaining bills on his desk, including the tax bill and supplemental budget bill.

He said he’d prefer to have the special session in June.

“We’ll sit down with the four leaders, see if that’s agreeable including those requirements and see if we have enough of an agreement to have a special session,” Dayton said.

Dayton said legislative leaders would need to agree in advance on a limited agenda. He said construction work inside the Capitol would again require the House to find an alternative meeting space space for a special session.

Dayton said one of his requirements for a special session would be to include the University of Minnesota health sciences building project in the bonding bill. He declined to list any other must-haves.

Meanwhile, House Republicans made their case for a special session by drawing attention to a dangerous stretch of road that they want upgraded in a bonding bill. They held a news conference along Highway 12 in Maple Plain with people who lost family members in fatal crashes there.

“We didn’t come here to play a blame game today,” said House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Zimmerman, “We came here to encourage the governor and others to come together to fund the necessary dollars that are needed to fix the problems here along Highway 12.”

Daudt also issued a news release in which he did point fingers. He squarely blamed Senate Democrats for standing in the way of the 11th hour bonding bill.

House Minority leader Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, said in a statement the state needs a comprehensive transportation funding package. He squarely blamed Republicans for not getting one passed this year.

“Procrastination and brinksmanship don’t build a single mile of road,” Thissen said, “Minnesotans are tired of it, and they should be.”

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday. House Republicans are going to be talking today about the need to improve Highway 12. Gov. Mark Dayton is going to talk about a clean water effort with Land O’ Lakes.  But plans for a special session are still up in the air. Here’s the Digest.

1. Gov. Dayton has begun looking at the tax and spending bills passed by the Legislature in the closing hours of the session on Sunday. The governor is still undecided on a special session, but he told MPR News Tuesday that he is doubtful a transportation funding package could be negotiated during a special session. He said the focus would likely be on bonding if he were to call lawmakers back to St. Paul. (MPR News)

2. Now that the Legislature has failed to find a way to pay the final $135 million in local funding for the Southwest Light Rail line there are big questions about the future of the project, which was designed to run between Eden Prairie and Minneapolis. Without the money $895 in federal funding is likely to go elsewhere. (Star Tribune)

3.  U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer has endorsed Jason Lewis for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd District. Lewis won the Republican Party endorsement for the seat a few weeks ago, but Darlene Miller and John Howe are challenging him in in a primary. Miller has the backing of John Kline, who is retiring from the seat. (Pioneer Press)

4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., hasn’t taken sides in the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, but a speech she gave Tuesday sounded a lot like Hillary Clinton. Warren is attacking Donald Trump and seems poised to try to help unify the Democratic Party. (Washington Post)

5. Donald Trump suggested to the Washington Post this week that he thinks Hillary Clinton was involved in the murder of Vince Foster, a White House aide who died as a result of suicide in the 1993.  It’s not the first time Trump has embraced a conspiracy theory. (NPR)

Finally, I will be away the next few days, so look for the Daily Digest to resume on Tuesday. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.