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Gov. Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt met at Dayton’s residence yesterday. It looked like a flashback to earlier this month, with reporters standing in the rain on the mansion’s front lawn awaiting news.

The scene will likely play out today, too, with Dayton and Daudt expected to meet again.

There’s no budget deal. But one key piece of the special session puzzle is in place: a location. Legislators will meet in the State Office Building. (MPR News)

Groups behind an effort to give unauthorized immigrants the ability to obtain driver’s licenses are hoping for better luck in the special session. (MPR News)

Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will be making a campaign stop in Minnesota. (MPR News)

Here are five things you should know about Sanders. (NPR via MPR News)


With a growing Hispanic population, Colorado will be a critical test for the GOP in 2016. (The New York Times)

It’s just four little words in the Affordable Care Act that are at the center of a Supreme Court challenge. (The New York Times)

A federal appeals court ruled against President Barack Obama’s immigration proposal. (The Washington Post)

Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is planning a campaign stop in Minneapolis this weekend.

He’ll be talking with voters and eating bagels at the SEIU Local 26 office on Sunday.

The email advertising the event says Sanders will be here to “discuss how to take back our country from the billionaires.”

Sanders, who is a liberal but runs for office as an independent, is running to the left of Democrat Hillary Clinton. He has said that Clinton’s wealth could alienate her from working-class voters.

Welcome to the Daily Digest.


Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the agriculture/environment bill and the jobs/energy bill on Saturday. (MPR News)

Dayton is scheduled to meet with House Speaker Kurt Daudt today, likely to discuss a schedule for the special session.

Officials are still looking for a place to hold the special session. (MPR News)

Earlier last week, Dayton vetoed the education funding bill. PoliGraph looked at both sides of the argument for universal pre-kindergarten. (MPR News)

Here’s a look at what went on behind the scenes of the budget negotiations. (Pioneer Press)

St. Louis Park liberal activist Peggy Flanagan will run for Rep. Ryan Winkler’s seat. (MPR News)


The U.S. Senate blocked a bill to end the government’s collection of phone records. (NPR via MPR News)

The vote reflects Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership style. (The New York Times)

President Barack Obama opened a Twitter account. One Minnesota man’s tweet has attracted the attention of the Secret Service. (MPR News)