Good morning. Here are five stories to read as you start your day, none of which involves a lion or a dentist.

1. Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders talked Tuesday evening about a possible special session next month to provide financial assistance to the Lake Mille Lacs area if walleye fishing is shut down early as appears likely. (MPR News)

2. The Dayton administration says competitive bidding and lower than expected costs combined to save taxpayers $650 million in HMO care for people on Medicaid and MinnesotaCare. The savings are bad news for a couple of HMOs. (MPR News)

3. Minnesotans who helped pass the 1965 Voting Rights Act are reflecting as its 50th anniversary approaches. (MPR News)

4. John Boehner faces a challenge as House Speaker from the right, but based based on history he has little to fear. (Washington Post)

5. More than five months before any of the 2016 presidential primaries, Politico is all but declaring Republican Sen. Rand Paul out of the race.

Rep. Betty McCollum, D-MN, wants an investigation into whether a Minnesota dentist broke any U.S. laws when he killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe.

“To bait and kill a threatened animal, like this African lion, for sport cannot be called hunting, but rather a disgraceful display of callous cruelty,” McCollum wrote in a statement. “For those of us committed to ending poaching of iconic African species I strongly believe the U.S. Attorneys’ Office and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service should investigate whether U.S. laws were violated related to conspiracy, bribery of foreign officials, and the illegal hunting of a protected species or animal.”

The killing of the lion has sparked international outrage. Conservation groups have criticized Dr. Walter James Palmer of Eden Prairie for killing the animal. Authorities in Zimbabwe told the Associated Press that Palmer will face poaching charges.

Palmer issued a statement today saying he regrets killing the lion but believes he secured proper permits and believes the hunt was legal.

The 13-year-old lion named Cecil was a popular attraction in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The lion was killed on July 1 during a guided hunt that cost Palmer about $50,000, according to a report in the Telegraph.

Good morning, here are five stories to start your Tuesday.

1. The New York Times public editor is taking the paper to task over its reporting of the latest development in the Hillary Clinton email story. The paper inaccurately reported that two officials were seeking a criminal investigation by the Justice Department of the way Clinton used private email when she was Secretary of State. The public editor writes, “competitive pressure and the desire for a scoop, led to too much speed and not enough caution.”  (New York Times)

2. And if you missed it, a former Times reporter took on the story the other day at Newsweek.

3. The minimum wage is going up again in Minnesota due to legislation passed last year. It’s set to go up another 50 cents next year. (AP via MPR News)

4. The suicide rate in jails is higher than it is in prisons. (NPR)

5. Boston has given up its effort to win the 2024 Olympics as public support for the idea dropped. (USA Today)