The Daily Digest: Session wrap-up

State lawmakers wrapped up their work on slew of legislation last night.

Here’s an overview of the Legislature’s final few hours of work, including budget details.

The Legislaturepassed a bill that will allow in-home care providers to unionize.

Minnesota cities will get an $80 million increase next year in Local Government Aid.

A campaign finance board bill was stripped of tougher political donor disclosure rules.

Lawmakers decided the Twin Cities metro area should get more outdoors money.

Lawmakers approved State Capitol bonds.

Advocates of an anti-bullying bill say they’ll try again next year.

There will be no minimum wage hike this year.

And now that the Legislature has adjourned, the political spin begins

In Washington

The FBI will interview Andy Parrish, one of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s former staffers. The FBI joins the Federal Election Commission, congressional investigators, an Iowa Senate panel and an Iowa police department in looking into various aspects of Bachmann’s unsuccessful bid for the White House, according to MPR reporter Brett Neely.

PolitiFact looks at two claims Bachmann has made about the IRS and its role in the new health care law.

Jim Graves, a challenger to Bachmann for the 6th Congressional District seat, commissioned a poll that shows he’s slightly ahead of Bachmann, 47 to 45.

Senior White House aides knew about the IRS giving greater scrutiny to Tea Party groups, but did not tell President Barack Obama, the Washington Post reports.

Politico looks at who knew what and when in the IRS scandal.

Programming Note

Now that the Legislature is done with its work for the year, the Daily Digest is on hiatus.

  • Zeb

    Can someone please direct me to a document or page that details the specifics of this “property tax relief” we kept hearing about during the session?