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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the Democratic National Convention is in full swing in Charlotte, N.C.

Around Minnesota

Americans for Prosperity has spent at least $465,000 on ads in Minnesota so far.

Minnesota businesses want more information on the new health care exchange.

U.S. Steel reached an agreement with the steelworkers union.

The Race for Congress

A PoliGraph two-fer from last week’s MPR debates: Tony Hernandez’s claim about the bank bailout is misleading and Amy Klobuchar’s claim about her legislative record is accurate.

DFLer Brian Barnes challenged Rep. Erik Paulsen to a state fair contest.

House Speaker John Boehner is a zealous fundraiser for his party, the New York Times reports.


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The headline from a pre-DNC must-read in the Washington Post: “Obama did not change Washington. Was there a way around united Republican opposition?”

Are political parties still relevant?

Several members of Minnesota’s DFL congressional delegation are skipping the DNC.

In the lead-up to the convention, President Barack Obama is trying to cast the GOP stuck in the past, the New York times reports.

Obama’s delegates appear to be more excited about Obama than Republican delegates were about Romney, Politico reports.

The New York Times says it is mutual fear of a GOP administration that unites Democrats this year.

The Occupy movement is planning to reemerge at the DNC, NPR reports.

The Presidential Campaign

Ann Romney is touting her stay-at-home mom image.

Mitt Romney left Bain with unusual tax benefits, the Washington Post reports.

Obama gave a Labor Day address in Ohio.

The New York times profiled Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest adviser.

Obama paused campaigning to visit areas hit by Hurricane Isaac.

Voters living in urban areas want more campaign talk about gun crime.

Listen for this line when Republicans are stumping: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

In Other News

The White House released its beer recipe.

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