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The battle over the hearts and minds of GOP voters continues. Governor Pawlenty, who was in Iowa on Sunday, issued a statement thrashing Independence Party candidate Tom Horner and praising Republican Tom Emmer. Pawlenty has publicly backed Emmer, raised money for him and has even included Emmer in a contest of candidates that he should campaign for.

The move is a clear signal that the GOP is growing increasingly concerned about Horner’s threat to Emmer.

Emmer, Horner and Democrat Mark Dayton will discuss children’s issues at a debate in St. Paul over the noon hour.

On Tuesday morning, the candidates will be on MPR’s Midmorning for a two hour debate.

On Friday, the candidates will debate the issues at the U of M.

On Saturday night, the candidates debated the budget, higher education and anti-bullying legislation on Fox9’s live debate.

You can watch the debate here.

President Obama will campaign for Dayton on October 23rd.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Dayton with a light lead over Emmer (but within the margin of error).

The Star Tribune says Horner’s sales tax plan may hit hard.

AP takes a look at a lawsuit that Emmer’s former client filed against Emmer.

The Star Tribune profiled Emmer.

The newspaper says he also hasn’t passed major legislation but is valued for his passion and insight.

On Friday, Emmer tried to rally college students.

The Pi Press takes a look at where the candidates stand on education.

The Star Tribune’s op-ed page asks Dayton a few questions.

The Winona Daily News asked the candidates about high-speed rail and tax reciprocity with Wisconsin.

The PoliGraph says Emmer is right on his tax claim, with some caveats.

Race for Congress

The National Republican Congressional Campaign released an ad criticizing DFL Rep. Tim Walz.

Walz and the other candidates in Minnesota’s 1st will debate the issues tonight.

The Cook Political Report says the 1st is getting tighter.

President Obama targets the Chamber of Commerce on the campaign trail.

2010 Other

RNC Chair Michael Steele will hold a fundraiser for the RNC on Wednesday.

2010 Other

Two dozen candidates crowd the judicial ballot in Stillwater.

Under the Dome

There will not be a special session today. Gov. Pawlenty postponed it until the federal government finishes determining the disaster request.

The city of Wadena is still hoping to get tornado relief included in the special session.

Gov. Pawlenty was for health insurance exchanges before he was against them.


The White House doubts efforts that putting a freeze on all foreclosures is needed.

It’s expected the Obama Administration will announce no cost of living increase for Social Security recipients.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson wants to create a safety net for production agriculture.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar expresses concern over Southwest Airline’s acquisition of Air Tran.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty was in Iowa over the weekend.

He was in Iowa to raise money for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and GOP candidates.

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