Is MN-1 tightening?

Political Hanidcapper Charlie Cook has moved his rating of Minnesota’s First Congressional District from “Likely Democratic” to “Lean Democratic.” DFL Rep. Tim Walz is facing a challenge from Republican Randy Demmer.

The district has been getting plenty of attention by Republicans in the past week. GOP Rep. John Kline is campaigning for Demmer today. The National Republican Congressional Committee also announced that it intends to run TV ads in the district.

Cook is also keeping Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District in the “Likely Republican” column. That race features GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Democrat Tarryl Clark.

  • Does Cook have an insider’s poll that indicates the race is tightening … or is he responding to GOP pr attention … adding Demmer to their Young Guns list … sending money … and campaign ads ?

    I believe that Cook had Walz on the list in 2008, so this should not be a surprise.

    But wasn’t there a story that there was a poll indicating that Jim Oberstar was in trouble … if so, why isn’t Oberstar being mentioned ? They didn’t even move MN-08 to Likely Democrat.

  • Has Cook finally pulled Frank McKinzie and all the other non-candidates off his MN-01 list?

    Cook’s always leaned GOP in this district, even though the seat is securely in Tim Walz’ hands. Walz is very visible in the district, unlike Michele Bachmann in MN-06 who isn’t seen much there except when she’s doing stump speeches from Mac Hammond’s church pulpit or hosting fundraisers for her inevitable Senate bid.

  • RochPolitico

    What I’ve seen from Walz is negative ads about Demmer, that tells me that his internal polls show that he is quite vulnerable if not behind. Phoenix Woman, he might be visible to you from your vantage point but he has been invisible here in the biggest city and the rest of the district for that matter. Behind the scenes he has a reputation for being lazy. I didn’t believe it until I went to a few local parades, he was no where to be found. Why would he being hiding, his voting record? Historically MN1, has been conservative and I don’t think his constituents like his record and Mn Majority ads have been exposing him.

  • Dennis

    Walz’s problem is his real constituencies are in Minneapolis and Washington DC. When his real constituents are suffering from the worst flood damage in their history and need his help from Washington, and are not getting it, he’s hanging out in Mineapolis with Habitat for Humanity for a photo op with Jimmy Carter. I don’t care about the polls. He’s my congressman and I know he could care less about my neighbors and me. Noone with a clear conscious could vote for Walz. I’m not sure what Phoenix Woman is talking about Walz being highly visible.

  • Vern Koerselman

    Representative Tim Walz has voted with the Democratic Leadership 95% of the time. The Democratic Leadership and the Republicans before them, have amassed debts that will crippple our country for our children. What ever happened to the old standard – “Let’s leave this country in better shape, than we found it.”

    Did you know that the interest alone on our national debt is over $26 BILLION – each month? And that’s not touching the principal. When do we say, enough is enough?

    The time for change is now. Demmer has run businesses and has a sense of how capitalism really works. He knows that more government control and spending will lead to our eventual downfall.