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Gov. Mark Dayton is celebrating his first 100 days in office by going after GOP legislative leaders for pinning their hopes on imaginary money. Dayton says House Republicans have crafted a budget that is $1.2 billion short and Senate Republicans crafted a budget that is $1.1 billion short. Republicans say they will work with Dayton to reach agreement on their budget numbers but also want to know where Dayton stands on a federal health waiver.

The Star Tribune has a good look at Dayton’s first 100 days in office. Both his friends and foes are surprised by his actions as governor.

On another note, Dayton told MPR News that he’d sign the Ag budget bill.

Dayton holds a round table today at Metro State to discuss higher education.

The House Taxes Committee will hold a hearing on his budget plan.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk will be on TPT’s Almanac at the Capitol tonight.

Datyon will honor the UMD Bulldogs today.

MPR takes a look at what Circle Pines residents think of the budget. The suburb has helped determine the balance of power in the Minnesota Legislature over the past eight years.

Dayton visited a Woodbury High School on Tuesday.

Dayton also announced that he wants the state to start using data analytics to prevent Medicaid fraud.

Abortion restrictions start advancing in the Minnesota Legislature.

A Senate committee started considering a bill that would clamp down on concussions in student athletes.

Carrots for convicts! Some lawmakers want inmates to tend gardens.

A Minnesota Senate panel approved auto insurance bills that limit lawsuits.

Outstate parks and trails want a bigger piece of the Legacy Money.

A bill would ban video of Minnesota farming operations.

A privacy debate over newborn screening has surfaced again at the State Capitol.

Opponents to a new Vikings stadium start lining up.


Presient Obama will outline his vision for long-term deficit reduction tonight during a speech to the nation.

Liberals worry Obama is giving up ground.

MPR takes a look at how the federal budget cuts will impact Minnesota.

A loss of federal wolf control money blindsides the state of Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Congress is directly intervening in the Endangered Species list and is removing the Rocky Mountain wolf from the list.

The budget deal also makes deep cuts to the high speed rail program.

Obama is also challenging hospitals to reduce medical errors.

Special Election

Democrat Mary Jo McGuire won the special election in Senate District 66 with 80 percent of the vote. The district includes Falcon Heights and portions of St. Paul.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty announced, and then unannounced, his candidacy for president. Pawlenty announced on CNN that he’s “running for president” but his campaign quickly downplayed it.

Just so everyone is clear – the guy who has been ramping up a run for the White House since June 1, 2009 is not officially running for president…. yet. That will be official in a few weeks.

Pawlenty announced this morning that Jon Seaton will be his political director. Seaton runs East Meridian Strategies.

Pawlenty told NewsMax that he isn’t in favor of raising the debt ceiling.

Pawlenty will be in Iowa on Saturday.

Politico says Pawlenty’s health care record could also be a target.

Reuters takes a look at the key issues that some of the candidates will focus on.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is planning private meetings with New Hampshire Tea Party leaders.

Bachmann and Newt Gingrich will headline a Minnesota Family Council dinner.

Politico says South Carolina Republicans are talking up Bachmann and aren’t mentioning Pawlenty at all.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Republicans offer a Fantasy Budget with Imaginary Savings, says the Governor. I don’t know why that would surprise anyone. It’s the same Anti-Factual Budget they offered to win the election.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Pawlenty Says ‘I’m Running;’ Campaign Downplays It

    Pawlenty could save lots of time with the elementary surgical procedure of having his foot permanently implanted in his mouth.