Stadium opponents lining up

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota is taking aim at the Vikings stadium bill introduced this week.

Phil Krinkie, president of the conservative fiscal watchdog group, sent out an email alert today warning about the potential tax increases. Krinkie recipients to contact the authors and co-authors of the bill. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, and Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, is not expected to get a hearing until after the Legislature’s traditional Passover/Easter break.

Here’s what Krinkie had to say:

Yesterday Republican legislators Sen. Julie Rosen and Rep. Morrie Lanning chief authored legislation that would raise taxes on sports memorabilia, liquor, lodging, entertainment, admissions, food and beverages to fund another publicly subsidized stadium for a billionaire.

After months of rhetoric from GOP lawmakers about not raising taxes, Sen. Rosen (Fairmount), Sen. Magnus (Slayton), Rep. Lanning (Moorhead), Rep. Hoppe (Chaska), Rep. Hamilton (Mountain Lake), Rep. Kriesel (Cottage Grove) and Rep. Paul Anderson (Starbuck) authored legislation that would pay for two-thirds of a $900 million stadium on the backs of taxpayers.

These wayward Republicans need to hear from you today! Producing a balanced budget signed by the Governor is job one. Increasing the tax burden on Minnesotans to build a playground for billionaire owners and millionaire players is irresponsible.

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