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The House and Senate have completed work on their respective budget bills. The House wrapped up its work early this morning after it passed a HHS budget bill. The proposal makes deep cuts in health spending but also relies on budget savings that aren’t guaranteed to be there.

The House also passed a State Government Finance bill that trims the state’s workforce by 15 percent.

House and Senate conference committees now have to compromise on their differences. Gov. Dayton says he won’t negotiate with them until he sees their finished product. In other words, the budget stare down begins.

Gov. Dayton issued an emergency flood declaration.

MnDOT unveiled its list of 2011 construction projects.

The Senate Commerce Committee approved the so-called “Surly bill.”

Lawmakers would let the U of M’s Board of Regents decide alcohol sales at their respective stadiums.

GOP Sen. Michael Jungbuaer was struck by a car when he was running yesterday morning. He spent the night in the hospital.

DFL Sen. John Harrington has signed on to the Vikings stadium bill.

DFLers are continuing to push for an anti-bullying bill.

STD rates in Minnesota reach record levels.

Dayton will speak in Woodbury next week.


President Obama and House and Senate leadership met last night to discuss the budget situation. He said there was progress made but no deal yet. Lawmakers have until the end of the week to reach a deal and avoid a shutdown.

Obama says a shutdown would be inexcusable.

800,000 federal workers would be left in the dark if a shutdown occurs.

The GOP is preparing to pass a one-week extension to the current budget.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison gave dueling budget speeches in Washington D.C. yesterday.

The PoliGraph says Bachmann’s claims on the shutdown are on point.

Bachmann says she doesn’t think there will be a government shutdown.

DFL Sen. Al Franken says the government shouldn’t shut down.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson received an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


A sitting state supreme court justice, who appeared to be sympathetic to Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union efforts, is losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court race by a slim margin. A recount is likely.

Race for President

A staffer for Pawlenty was arrested for public intoxication and trespassing after knocking on a door of a home in the early morning hours.

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