Sen. Jungbauer hit by car, hospitalized

48Jungbauer.jpgGOP State Sen. Michael Jungbauer was running through St. Paul near the Capitol and was struck by a car during a routine morning run today.

Jungbauer, of East Bethel, was hit near John Ireland and Kellogg boulevards. His staff said it wasn’t clear how badly he was injured by the accident, but was taken to nearby Regions Hospital.

Republican caucus spokesman Michael Brodkorb said his injuries didn’t initially appear to be grave: “I haven’t had an opportunity to discuss it with him yet,” Brodkorb said. “He was alert and responsive the entire time, so our hope and belief is that he’ll back soon. And my understanding is that he’s being kept overnight, just for observations.”

Jungbauer is 53 years old and a third-term senator from East Bethel. St. Paul police said they’re still gathering information on the incident. Jungbauer’s wife, Vicki, and his staff have spent much of the day at the hospital with him.

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