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Gov. Pawlenty signed an $80 million disaster recovery package to help flood and tornado damaged communities. Pawlenty took the action just hours after the Legislature met in a special session to pass the bill.

Race for Governor

Democrat Mark Dayton campaigns in northwestern Minnesota with DFL Rep. Collin Peterson.

IP candidate Tom Horner participates in a webinar with the MN High Tech Association and holds a news conference to announce an endorsement.

Republican Tom Emmer has no public events.

2012 hopeful Mitt Romney raised money for Emmer and rallied the GOP base last night in Bloomington.

Here are the speeches from Emmer and Romney.

Outstate Republican mayors are unusually cautious about supporting Emmer.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar and Republican Chip Cravaack square off in a debate in Duluth this morning at 8. You can watch it here.

The head of the Pilots union backs DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar. Republican Chip Cravaack is a former pilot.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann defended her request of federal stimulus money she’s repeatedly bashed by saying it should be spent on the “most worthy projects.”

DFL Rep. Tim Walz campaigned in New Ulm.

The Star Tribune does a story on the organizers for President Obama and whether they can turn out the vote in this year’s midterms.

Race for Legislature

Most often comment from DFL candidates about their prospects this year: “I’m getting good comments at the door.”

Most often comment from GOP candidates about their prospects this year: “If we win that seat, we know it’s a good year for us.”

2010 Other

The Secretary of State candidates will appear on MPR’s Midday today at 11.

For some, foreclosure threatens their ability to vote.


Banks restart foreclosures.

The Supreme Court will consider whether John Ashcroft can be sued by a U.S. citizen who says he was illegally detained.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Romney called Pawlenty a “great friend.

Pawlenty, who said he was going to try to make it to the Romney rally, reportedly did not attend.

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