Romney rally

A few hundred people gather at the Ramada in Bloomington to listen to Mitt Romney talk about the shift in the nation’s political climate. Romney is the latest Republican heavyweight to visit Minnesota on behalf of Emmer. The others included RNC Chair Michael Steele, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Romney also headlined a $500 per person fundraiser for Emmer. The rally was meant to energize GOP faithful to work harder to get their supporters to the polls.

Romney, a likely 2012 candidate, is visiting the home state of Gov. Pawlenty, who may also run for president. Pawlenty said earlier in the day that he hoped to attend the rally.

Romney won’t be the only big name to visit Minnesota in the final weeks of the campaign. President Obama will headline a rally for Democrat Mark Dayton at the University of Minnesota campus on Saturday.

Here’s the audio from Romney and Emmer:

Thanks to MPR’s Mark Zdechlik for supplying me with the audio..

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