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State lawmakers will be in St. Paul today to attend a special session for flood relief.

MMB is set to release its full investigation of Chas Anderson, a former Assistant Commissioner of Education and former campaign staffer to Gov. Pawlenty. A person with knowledge of the report says Anderson released part, but not all, of the investigation on Friday after she lost her bid to keep the records private. Here’s a look at what Anderson released on Friday.

Race for Governor

Mitt Romney, a likely 2012 candidate, will be in Bloomington tonight to raise money for Republican Tom Emmer and the MNGOP. He will also hold a rally on Emmer’s behalf.

IP candidate Tom Horner will campaign in St, Cloud.

No word on Democrat Mark Dayton’s schedule.

Several major state dailies back Horner’s bid for governor. They include the Star Tribune and the Fargo Forum.

Horner campaigned outside of the Metrodome on Sunday for his Vikings stadium plan. Republican Tom Emmer did not attend a Save the Vikings Rally, even though the campaign said he would.

Emmer did campaign in southern Minnesota over the weekend and said “It’s a two man race” between him and Mark Dayton. That’s signal he’s trying to blunt Horner’s support in the final weeks.

MPR says DFL legislative candidates are wary of Dayton’s tax plans.

The Pi Press takes a look at what the candidates are saying about job creation.

Here’s a look at what the candidates will do on the outdoors vote.

The Star Tribune profiles Democrat Mark Dayton and says he has a record of going it alone.

Emmer, who has served in elected office longer than Dayton and Horner, released an ad criticizing Emmer and Dayton’s time in government.

AP says the RGA and DGA are playing big in Minnesota.

The IRS forms also show that Minnesota’s Future is a front group for the RGA.

The DGA has been funneling its money to the Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

At a debate on Friday, the candidates warned higher-ed institutions to cut costs.

Gov. Pawlenty cut an ad for Emmer. The MNGOP is paying for it.

Race for Congress

AP released a new poll suggesting a quarter of those who voted for President Obama may vote for a Republican this year.

One of those races that could determine control of the House is Minnesota’s 1st District. A recent poll shows Democrat Tim Walz with a five-point lead over Republican Randy Demmer.

On Friday, the Walz campaign called on former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman to disclose who the donors are to The American Action Network. The group, run by Coleman, is running an ad criticizing Walz. Coleman says he won’t disclose the donors and said Walz and other Democrats didn’t have a problem with outside groups in 2008.

Democrat Tarryl Clark raised $1.8 million in the third quarter.

The Pi Press says the 6th is the most expensive House race in the U.S.

The St. Cloud Times, the largest newspaper in the 6th endorses Clark. The editorial was a pretty strong criticism of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann. It says Bachmann has “proved with unabashed consistency that serving 6th District constituents is essentially her last priority.”

Despite the editorials, AP suggests Bachmann will be tough to beat.

Politico takes a look at DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar’s extensive money base.

The PoliGraph says the ads in the 3rd get mixed verdicts.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson releases an internal poll that says he’s up big.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin takes a look at the job creation plans put forward by the candidates in the 2nd District.

Meanwhile, GOP Rep. John Kline campaigned for a GOP candidate in Iowa.

Race for the Legislature

PIM says some DFLers are worried about an Iron Range leadership sweep. There are, however, a few steps in between now and then and voters may make a leadership choice that means a change in parties.

2010 Other

Forum Communications takes a look at the Attorney General’s race.

The Pi Press takes a look at the race for State Auditor.


The American Spectator takes a look at where GOP Rep. John Kline stands on education. Kline could be the Education Committee Chair if the GOP takes control of the House.

Bachmann wrote a letter seeking stimulus funds even though she has railed against the bill. The Center for Public Integrity says GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen wrote a similar letter.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Pawlenty met with high profile donors to the RGA on Friday.


Mourners say good-bye to Private First Class Ryane Clark, who was killed in Afghanistan.

  • Regarding Mr. Kline’s travels, it was a three-state tour he was on … On Wednesday, to Wisconsin to campaign for Dan Kapanke; then to St. Charles Illinois on the 14th campaigning for Randy Hultgen to represent the Fourteenth District and on Friday in Urbandale Iowa to campaign for Brad Zaun to represents the Third District and also on the same day in Waterloo campaigning for his former staffer Ben Lange for Iowa’s First District.

    Regarding Mr. Coleman’s comments that Democrats “did not have any problems with outside groups” in 2008 …. that may be true, but candidate Coleman had a problem with that in 2002 and 2008 … read more on the MN Political Roundtable ( )

    Lastly, last week the Daily Digest highlighed a story concerning the EPA mandating the ethanol component in gasoline and the disappointment from ethanol producers that it did not go high enough … funny, the big “outside interest group” America’s Future Fund is financed by a ethanol producer … and they are bashing Iowa candidates for an expanded role of government in business … why isn’t anyone asking the question to AFF about this inconsistency … after all, does anyone think that the Oil or Auto industries really wanted ethanol … or for that matter the service stations that are involved in changing the gas pumps ?