Clark raises $1.8 million in third quarter

DFL 6th District congressional candidate Tarryl Clark says she raised $1.8 million for her campaign between July and September for a total of nearly $4 millon.

The campaign said it had $868,000 on hand for at the end of the reporting period. It also said it believes Clark has raised more than any other Democrat running for the House this year–incumbent or challenger.

Incumbent Republican Michele Bachmann’s campaign said earlier this week that it raised a whopping $5.4 million in the third quarter, for a campaign total of $10, a new record in Congressional fundraising.

  • Me the Peeps

    What’s the return on investment? If one expects a Congressperson to be a legislator, incumbent Bachmann has few bills that she’s drafted that have been signed into public law. I think her actual number is zero, from her 2 terms in office. Perhaps it’s because she focuses on issues like residents of Washington D.C. (not included in her legislative district) being able to keep firearms in public housing. So it’s pretty amazing that people give money for a campaign to help re-elect this person to another term in Congress. What’s in it for the donors to the campaign?

  • Colin

    Does this Blog have a twitter that I could follow at?

  • Bob Anderson

    I could not agree more with Me the Peeps comment above. Peeps gets it!