Spring weather whiplash: From 70s to snowflakes in 72 hours?

Welcome to Minnesota.

Here, we eat Hotdish. We cheer good, but rarely championship-caliber sports teams. We frantically celebrate summers that run on fast-forward.  Then, we gather around a big fish pond in late August and talk about what a great summer it was.

Minnesota DNR fish pond at the Minnesota State Fair in 2017. Image: Paul Huttner/MPR News.

It’s understandable if Minnesotans are a little skeptical about spring weather. A week in late April?

Prepare for anything.

70s Wednesday

Wednesday reminds us that spring in Minnesota can be kind, gentle, and mild. Highs reach the 70s across most of Minnesota on southwest breezes. Bank thermometers could flash 80 again in southwest Minnesota towns like Canby and Marshall.

NOAA forecast high temperatures for Wednesday.

Whiplash: Saturday snowflakes?

Saturday’s inbound weather system is coming in colder with each successive forecast model run. What looked like a cold rain yesterday now suggest snow may mix in. The latest NOAA GFS model now mixes in snow on the system’s northern edge Saturday.

I know.

NOAA GFS model Saturday and Sunday via tropical tidbits.

In theory, there wouldn’t be much accumulation in Minnesota with daytime temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. In theory.

Stay tuned on this one.

Warmer late next week?

Cool temperatures return into early next week. Signs of milder air filter in again late next week.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Spring in Minnesota? Two steps forward. One step back.

Stay tuned.

  • horrido

    So why don’t we call this what it is? The last SIX springs (at least) have been wet and cold. How am I the only one that notices?