Reluctant spring: Cool and wet pattern this week

Spring is taking its sweet time in Minnesota this year. Again.

A nagging jet stream nearby keeps showery waves in our forecast way this week. Minnesota will run about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average overall. The average high this week in the Twin Cities? 65 degrees.

The good news? The sun peeks out Monday afternoon across southern Minnesota. But most of northern Minnesota picks up a few more inches of slush.

Enough already?

Many Minnesotans I talk with have had quite enough of our cool, wet weather pattern so far this year. Would that I could flip a switch to sunshine and 70s every day.

I’ve had at least half a dozen people tell me they are ready to move to warmer climes after this winter and “spring.” And at least a couple people I know actually have the house on the market.

Our Minnesota climate is a test of will at times. This is one of those years.

Showery week 

The Twin Cities National Weather Service office is running low on rain symbols again. It won’t rain all the time this week, but rain chances are there nearly every day.

60s ahead

Highs in the 50s will have to do through Thursday. Highs in the 60s return late this week and into next week.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

Low-end “severe” winter

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Snow and Cold Index used to be called the Winter Misery Index. I’m not sure the name change helps many Minnesotans.

In case you are wondering, this season’s total of 157 puts this winter in the low end of the “severe” winter range in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota DNR State Climatology Office
  • It’s interesting to note that in the 25 years between 1962 and 1986, 14 of those 25 winters (56%) fell into the severe category. During that time just 1 winter landed in the mild or very mild range.
  • In the 33 years since 1986, we’ve endured only 5 winters (15%) in the severe or very severe category. But 9 of the past 33 winters (27%) have been in the mild or very mild range.

The past two winters have been moderate and severe, but the three previous winters trended mild. Perhaps those of us that lived through the winters of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s can more easily perceive Minnesota’s strong warming signal in winter.

Hang in there Minnesota!