Stormageddon: ‘Bomb cyclone’ latest of 10 storms in 6 weeks

It’s been so crazy busy in the Weather Lab I actually had to count the number of storms. And the next one is already here.

This week’s “bomb cyclone” moving into the Upper Midwest is just the latest in a series of 10 storms that have pounded the Midwest over the past six weeks. That’s averages out to a storm about every four days. You can see the separate storms on the accumulated precipitation graph from the Minneapolis−St. Paul International Airport.

Accumulated precipitation since January 27 via NOAA.

Intense bomb cyclone

Our latest storm rolling out of the Rockies meets the criteria for what meteorologists call “bomb cyclogenesis or bombogenesis.”

Bombogenesis occurs when a midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, with central pressure dropping at least 24 millibars in 24 hours. This storm is setting pressure records as it swirls out of the Rockies.

Raging blizzard

On the colder side of this storm, an intense blizzard is in progress. Here’s Interstate 80 in Nebraska.

A 280-mile stretch of I-80 is closed in South Dakota.

In Colorado, the storm closed Denver International Airport.

Severe wind gusts are blowing semitrailers over in the Plains.

Here’s an update on expected blizzard conditions from the Grand Forks National Weather Service office.

Widespread flood threat

Flood watches continue for a huge chunk of the Upper Midwest.

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN
333 PM CDT Wed Mar 13 2019


.Temperatures will remain mild through Thursday afternoon.
Periods of rain through this evening and again on Thursday will
combine with snow melt to produce street flooding and standing
water over low lying areas in the watch area. The heaviest
rainfall will occur in southwest and west central Minnesota
through this evening, with amounts of one half to locally one
inch before Thursday morning. Significant rises on the main stem
rivers are not expected this week.

Many of the the drainage systems are full of ice and snow, so any
melting or runoff from the rain could lead to ponding of water in
low lying areas. Temperatures will fall below freezing Friday, so
any standing water will become ice.

Flooding is already occurring near Sioux Falls, S.D.

Warmer next week

Temperatures look even higher next week. Highs in the 50s will feel great, and also jumpstart river flooding.

NOAA via Weather Bell.


  • 7cubed

    “it’s been so crazy busy at the weather lab” LOL. workin’ hard staring at screens all day then cut and paste graphics and tweets and type little synopsis blurbs..what an absolute F joke..when is the next climate hoax update?

    • Emily Werner

      Wow, that is the meanest thing that I have read in comments in a long time! I’m sad that you would treat weather forecasters with such disrespect. Next time, before you go attacking someone’s job, please do a little research as to what’s actually entailed in that job and all of the science and mathematics that go into the work. Meteorologists keep millions of people safe everyday. Just look at the national weather service forecast discussion pages.

      • 7cubed

        Gosh I’m sorry to offend you, Emily, but I have no disrespect for real Meteorologists in general. I have some degree of disrespect for people who call themselves Meteorologists, say they work in a “weather lab” and then use Mpr to promulgate the unproven, unfalsifiable theory of Anthropomorphic Climate Change, the solution to which they claim is, we must radically alter our way of life etc. costing Trillions of Dollars. And the IPCC report itself contains the disclaimer, that Earth’s climate is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the prediction of future climate states is not possible. So in their own words, what they are predicting is impossible to know and renders the AGW theory useless. Not to mention they fudged all the temperature data, rendering it useless.
        Btw, the National Weather Service is also full of these climate Loons. Enjoy the day.

  • jim

    oh gosh, a bomb cyclone. it wasn’t that long ago that the purveyors of climate hysteria were telling us to be alarmed about the short warm winters of the recent past.
    i wonder how many emerald ash bores were killed off this winter.
    good thing the city anticipated warmer winters and cut down all those trees.