Extremely weird weather on a full spring equinox supermoon

There’s some strange and extreme weather out there these days. And it comes on a rare spring equinox supermoon.

Today marks the start of astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere. The sun’s rays cross the equator on the annual northward journey.

And there’s some really weird weather out there as spring arrives this year.

Nebraska Ice Age Flood

Let’s start in Nebraska where rapid melt-driven record floods have also shoved boulder-sized ice chunks into homes and fields. Talk about unwelcome furniture delivery.

The ground truth of the floods in Nebraska is devastating. Even the images from space are stunning.

Throw in massive ice chunks and the sheer mass and power of fast-moving water and ice has scoured out roads and bridges.

The Omaha NWS had to evacuate their forecast office as the water invaded.

Summer in Seattle

In the Pacific Northwest, summer arrived a season early. A highly anomalous weather pattern with a massive warm sprawls over western Canada and the northwest USA.

NOAA 500-millibar height anomalies via tropical tidbits.

The unusual pattern pushed highs into the 70s and 80s across the Pacific Northwest. That’s record territory.

Minnesota nice

Our flood threat continues to evolve in Minnesota. But the overall weather pattern is much nicer. Wednesday’s high of 49 degrees at MSP Airport was the warmest day in 4.6 months! We last hit 51 on November 1. Milder temperatures continue to be the rule through next week.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Your bank believes in climate change 

If you still don’t believe scientists on climate change, you may want to ask your bank. Here’s an interesting take from Christopher Flavelle at Bloomberg.

Bank of America Corp. worries flooded homeowners will default on their mortgages. The Walt Disney Co. is concerned its theme parks will get too hot for vacationers, while AT&T Inc. fears hurricanes and wildfires may knock out its cell towers.


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    It’s going to be a super-HOT summer!