Frost depth increasing; light snow Sunday

Our recent cold is reaching deep into the earth below our feet. Current frost depth reports show nearly three feet of frost across Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Light snow Sunday

Bright sunshine is good tonic for the winter soul in Minnesota. We’ll see a few more clouds Saturday but skies will stay dry. Light snow creeps into southern Minnesota in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The snow should nudge the Twin Cities area by daybreak Sunday morning. Many models keep the Twin Cities near the iffy northern edge of the snowfall zone.

Here’s NOAA’s GFS model.

NOAA GFS model Sunday via tropical tidbits.

Snowfall may be plowable by late Sunday across southern Minnesota with 1 to 3-inches likely. The Twin Cities likely gets just an inch or less in most areas. The latest NAM model run keeps most of the snow south of MSP. Here’s NOAA’s GFS, which suggests around an inch.

NOAA GFS snowfall Sunday via tropical tidbits.

Another way of looking at snowfall totals is the forecast probability of getting a specific amount. Here’s the 2-inch probability threshold according to the Twin Cities NWS.

Temps moderate late next week

Models continue to suggest milder temps late next week. A few have been cranking out low 30s. Not a heat wave. Yet.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Coming climate change storm

The top risk concern for 2019? Climate change and extreme weather events.


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