February snow blitz ends for now; 4th snowiest February on record

It looks like our February snow blitz is taking a break.

Our latest significant snow event dumped another 3 to 6-inches in most areas Tuesday. Over 9-inches of snow fell in Eau Claire country east of the Twin Cities.

Coming up for air

It’s true. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Our February snow blitz is a boon to outdoor wither enthusiasts and events. It’s also been a nightmare for commuters.

We catch a break from significant snow systems over the next week. A snow-blinding sun peeks out Wednesday. Thursday’s Arctic front brings just a glancing blow of snow, a snowy dusting to an inch in many areas. There are whispers of light snow next Tuesday, but overall the next week looks mainly dry. And chilly. Perfect weather to get out and enjoy the snow we’ve earned this month.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Dig out your local fire hydrant

Fire crews remind us that seconds and minutes save lives. Critical response time is lost if fire crews have to dig out a hydrant to get water onto a fire. They are asking you to dig out your local fire hydrant. The lives you save could be yours, or your neighbors.

Another good reminder is to give plows and emergency vehicles plenty of room on snowy roads. They’re out there doing a dangerous job trying to keep us safe. Common sense.

4th snowiest February on record

We’ll await final snowfall numbers this evening from MSP Airport, but so far today’s 5.3″ makes February’s snowfall total 21.6″ for the month. That’s still good enough for the 4th snowiest February on record in the Twin Cities.

Historical February snowfall data at MSP Airport via NOAA.

Two winters this year

It’s been a tale of two winters in Minnesota. December was 6-degrees warmer than average. The first half of January was significantly warmer than average. Then the Arctic switch flipped and January finished slightly colder than average at -1.3 degrees for the month. So far February is running 5-degrees colder than average in the Twin Cities.

So we’ve basically endured two very different halves this winter. Mild and little snow in the first half. Cold and abundant snow in the second half.

Stay tuned.


  • JamieHX

    Why can’t you tell us the total number of inches that have fallen in, say, Saint Paul? That map is hard to read, and from your description of it, it’s not necessarily correct.

    • Wyoming Viking

      There’s a link right on that tweet- click on that and you’ll find your total.