Coming up for air: No big snow in the next week

We’re winning the February mega-flakes lottery in the Upper Midwest this year. It’s already the snowiest February on record in Eau Claire, Wis. The Twin Cities now holds the fourth snowiest sport on record.

Break in the action 

We come up for air the next week with a break in the snow parade. I can imagine plow drivers will need to catch up on sleep.

Right now the forecast models don’t spin any significant snow system into the Upper Midwest in the next week, maybe two weeks. Some light snow may sweep in Thursday and again Sunday.

Temperatures look seasonably chilly for the next one to two weeks. It is still February after all.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

Deep snow cover

There’s plenty of fresh snow to get out and play in. Here’s the latest map.

Snow depth, via NOAA

With over 2 feet of snow in some parts of Minnesota, the next two weeks may be the best for outdoor recreation this winter.

  • Dave

    Jackpot for dangerous roads maybe. It needs to end. Pitchers and catchers are reporting.

    • Chris C

      Beg to differ. There are no dangerous roads, only dangerous drivers. Pitchers and catchers reporting in FL and AZ. Hmmm, I wonder why there…because winter in Feb around here is NORMAL. I know we’re still above average temperature for DEC-FEB. Probably around normal for snow. So it’s been an easier than normal winter (OK, not by very much).

  • DJ Wambeke

    The one thing that really stands out to me on that snow depth map is how visible the contour of buffalo ridge is (see the depth in Marshall and Milbank SD and the immediate drop in the depth just south and west of those locations where the ground begins to slope up to the ridge). I’ve seen the ridge create a (small) difference in temps from a chinook-style event before but never a difference in snowfall. Is this normal? Is there something about the last couple snow events that was affected by the ridge?