Cold front Thursday; hints of a thaw late next week?

Meteorologists call it warm advection. Milder air blows in horizontally from Iowa overnight. Temperatures will actually rise into the 20s overnight instead of falling off as usual.

The milder air rides in ahead of an Arctic front sailing south across Minnesota Thursday. The front hits the Twin Cities around midday. Gusty northwest winds and colder temperatures follow. A light snowy dusting accompanies the frontal passage.

Temperatures run cooler than average into the weekend. But there are signs of moderation late next week.

NOAA via Weather Bell

Catching up on snowfall

We got a late start this season on snowfall. Here’s a look at snowfall across the nation since September 30.

  • breadtree

    What is the record stretch for days below average high temp? The last day above the average was Feb 4.
    If the long-term forecasts (that I’m looking at on Accuweather) hold, we’re not supposed to get another one until March 13th. Certainly forecasts that far into the future are very unreliable, but even using the ones above, we’d be at at least 20 straight days.

    • 7cubed

      Even short term forecasts are “certainly very unreliable”, but don’t complain about it here, or you will be deluged by climate loons. And Feb. 4 – Mar. 13 seems more like 40 days to me. Happy shoveling!