Wintry for now; milder after Nov. 15?

Meteorologists call it northwest flow. Persistent northwest winds aloft and at the surface drive a family of cold fronts south for the next week.  Periodic snow bands race along the fast-moving flow over the next few days. Subfreezing temperatures create an elevated risk factor for commutes. Wintry winds of change are here.

Minnesotans are hardy and experienced in dealing with weather that brings southern states to a standstill. But it demands a different mindset this time of year.

Half an inch of snow decorates the Weather Lab deck this morning. Image: Paul Huttner | MPR News

A clipper Friday grazes the Twin Cities with potentially heavier accumulations favoring southern Minnesota.

The longer range maps show signs of a moderating trend in about eight to 10 days. We’re still watching to see if El Niño produces milder Pacific jet stream patterns as we move into meteorological winter starting Dec. 1.

Slick spots 

Our overnight snow showers are enough to produce some slick conditions under foot and on some roads today. Buyer beware.

Cold persists for now

The weather maps continue to pump cold air into the eastern half of the nation. Temperatures will bottom out this weekend. It will feel more like Christmas than two weeks before Thanksgiving. We may hit 40-degrees again around or after Nov. 15.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Saturday morning looks like the coldest of the bunch right now. Temperatures in the single digits and teens will get your attention.

Forecast lows Saturday morning via NOAA.

Zonal flow ahead?

The longer range maps suggest the upper winds will blow from starting Seattle late next week. That should bring back milder air into the Upper Midwest.


NOAA’s GFS model suggest a string of days with highs well into the 40s again as we move into the second half of November.

NOAA GFS via Meteostar.

Stay tuned.