Sun returns; warming trend kicks in

Northern Minnesota dipped below zero this morning. I saw minus 10 degrees in Cotton and minus 9 degrees in Hibbing.

Purple is back on the weather maps.

Temperatures early Tuesday morning via Oklahoma Mesonet

The frigid air made for a beautiful sight in Duluth.

Warming trend

It’s good to see the sun again. Let warming trend begin.

Highs make the low 40s in the Twin Cities by Wednesday afternoon. Bank thermometers in southwest Minnesota may flash 50 degrees around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Speed bumps

Our warmup this week last about two days. Colder weather blows in this weekend, but then the warming begins again next week. The numbers below still looks a few degrees too conservative.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

We may get some light rain and snow Friday across Minnesota. Right now travel still looks mostly quiet as we head into Thanksgiving week.

Unprecedented dryness in California 

What made the Camp Fire the deadliest in California history? Most of northern California has experienced dryness levels with no analog in the climate record.

Simply put, climate change made the Camp Fire behave far more extreme than it could have without climate change.

‘It’s not rocket science’ 

How can we attribute the California fires to climate change? MPR Climate Cast guest Michael Mann explains.