Brushed by a clipper Thursday evening

The cold air is here. Now, we watch for passing low-pressure systems and the potential for falling snow. The next system arrives Thursday evening. Southern Minnesota gets brushed by a passing clipper. The Twin Cities area looks to ride the northern edge of the snow zone.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s NAM 3-km resolution model favors light snow developing Thursday afternoon and evening across southern Minnesota.

NOAA NAM 3-km model Thursday into Friday, via tropical tidbits

Snowfall accumulations should be less than an inch in the Twin Cities. But southern Minnesota along the Interstate 90 corridor picks up 1 to 3-inches Thursday night into Friday morning. Albert Lea and Rochester could approach the 3-inch mark.

Milder air next week

Our first real cold snap peaks this weekend. A westerly air flow blows in milder air late next week. Temperatures should push into the 40s once again.

NOAA forecast temperature for Minneapolis, via Weather Bell

Winter weather awareness week

Our early cold and snow are timely for winter weather awareness week in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wednesday morning’s accident count shows we need to brush up on our winter driving technique.

Cold wet October

Minnesota enjoyed five straight warmer-than-average months from May through September. Then somebody flipped the cold weather switch in October.

Most of the nation was cold and wet last month.

Subfreezing weather fun

The cold season brings some interesting and beautiful snow and ice formations. Check out the hoarfrost on this Alaska lake.

Climate change election results 

Climate change is increasingly rising as an election issue. Here’s are two good takes on how voters reacted Tuesday.