Winning the lottery? You’re much more likely to be struck by lightning

It’s said ex-park ranger Roy C. Sullivan was hit by lightning seven times. Roy was an extreme case, but his weather misfortune makes a good statistical point. The odds of you being killed by a natural weather disaster are much higher than winning the lottery.

The Twin Cities National Weather Service office illustrates that fact nicely in this morning’s tweet.

But hey, a guy can dream.

Drying out

Our Minnesota sunny streak continues Tuesday. The Twin Cities has recorded just .12 inch of precipitation in the past 12 days. Nine of the past 12 days have been dry. I’ve seen good progress in the harvest for farmers in eastern Carver County in the past 10 days.

High temperatures land a few degrees either side of 50-degrees for the next few days in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

Wetter pattern ahead

Rain showers arrive Thursday and Friday. Spotty rain in the next week may become more focused in the days surrounding Halloween. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System paints three systems. The first two are weaker. The third arrives around Halloween with a cold rain.

Early indications are that temperatures will be close enough to freezing that next week’s system will have to be watched for snow potential.

NOAA GFS model from Wednesday, October 24 to Wednesday, Oct. 31, via tropical tidbits

Hurricane Willa heads ashore Tuesday

Not the best day for a vacation along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Willa will make landfall this evening north of Puerto Vallarta.

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    I saw last weeks ticket being hawked. 1/2 off and only a 300-millionth of a chance less 🙂