Sunny, dry days welcome news for farmers

It’s been a wet fall in Minnesota. The Upper Midwest has recorded more than 6-inches of rain since September 1. Some locations have seen more than 10-inches.

Midwest Regional Climate Center.

That’s why I was encouraged to see farmers cutting corn in Carver County Monday. The latest Minnesota Crop Report shows why farmers are behind in many areas this fall.

  • 1-day suitable for fieldwork last week.
  • 42-percent of topsoil moisture in Minnesota is rated as surplus.
  • 38-percent of soybeans have been harvested.
  • 69-percent of soybeans harvested in 5-year average for this date.
Minnesota Crop Report via USDA.

Sunny dry days ahead

The sun is up and shining again today at the Weather Lab. Dry but cool breezes blow again today. Temperatures warm as the week moves on. In fact, the forecast looks fairly dry into most of next week.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Jet stream stays north

The jet stream favors a position along the U.S. Canadian border through next week. That should keep Minnesota seasonably cool and dry as we move into late October. We’ll get the occasional puff of chilly air, but right now I don’t see any major cold, snowy outbreaks lurking in the last two weeks of October.


Stay tuned.


  • Michael Larsen

    Your fall 2017 precip graph makes me wonder how this fall compares 🙂