More sunshine and 60s ahead; Hurricane Michael’s incredible damage patterns

The sun mercifully returned to Minnesota today. The Minnesota State Capitol basked in the afternoon sun in St. Paul.

Sunshine and fall color in St. Paul. Image: Paul Huttner/MPR News.

Milder days ahead

Our weather week turns gradually milder. It looks like we’re not done with the 60s in the Twin Cities this fall.  Thursday and Friday will be the mildest days this week.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

There is a chance for a few rain showers Friday as another cool front sweeps south.

Michael’s incredible damage patterns

The before and after images in places like Mexico Beach in the eyewall track are astounding. This is what a 14-foot storm surge and 155 mph winds does to barrier islands.

“Hurricane scar”

We’re used to seeing tornado scars on the landscape in the Midwest. I can’t recall seeing a hurricane scar before. But then again Michael is breaking new ground. The eyewall damage swath is visible from space. Amazing.

New inlets

Strong hurricanes like Michael can literally change the geography of the coastline.

That old adage of “buy a few blocks inland and be patient” rings true.

Unusual wind patterns

Roll vortex and mini swirls?

Amazing images