Forecast ‘treat’ today; scary climate change trends afoot

This will be a great Halloween night in much of Minnesota. Northern Minnesota lingers under some low stratus clouds Wednesday, but bright sun shines in the south.

Trick-or-treat weather in the Twin Cities is about as good as it gets.

Gradually cooler

Our temperature trend heads gradually south over the next week. November arrives Thursday after all.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast temperatures for Minneapolis, via Weather Bell

Rain is likely Sunday. Chances for rain return next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Venice underwater

These are not the usual water scenes from Venice, Italy.

Here’s more on the storms and “acqua alta” event from the BBC.

Italy has been battered by fierce winds and rain which have left 11 people dead in the west and north, while schools and tourist sites closed in several regions amid fears for people’s safety.

Winds of up to 180km/h (110 mph) were reported, and two tornadoes ripped through the centre of the coastal town of Terracina, killing one person and leaving 10 others injured.

In the canal city of Venice, rising floodwaters overwhelmed many of its famed squares and walkways, with officials saying as much as 75% of the city is now submerged.

Venice’s central St Mark’s Square was closed on Monday afternoon, after the water level reached “acqua alta” (high water) of 156cm (5.1ft). It is the fourth highest level ever recorded.

Canadian glaciers melting fast

Canadian scientists are shocked at how quickly ice is disappearing in the Canadian Arctic.

2018: Another Top 4 warmest year globally?

There’s no big El Nino this year. Something else (climate change) is producing another Top 4 warmest year globally. The past four years are the warmest four years on record globally.

Halloween is trending warmer on average in Minnesota