A nice and bright Sunday; a look ahead into early November

Our official low temp at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was 28 degrees this Sunday morning.

It was the coldest temp that we’ve seen at MSP airport this October, and our first official dip below 30 degrees this month.

A low in the 20s isn’t that unusual this time of year.

According to the Minnesota State Climatology Office, the average date of our first autumnal 28 degree reading at MSP airport is October 19th:

Minnesota State Climatology Office

Temperature trends

Sunday afternoon highs are expected to range from the lower 60s in southwestern and south-central Minnesota to the upper 40s in the far northeast.

Twin Cities metro area highs should reach at least the upper 50s, but a few spots in the metro could touch 60 degrees.

Our average high temp this time of year is 56 degrees in the Twin Cities.

Northern Minnesota will see highs in the 40s on Monday, with 50s in the south:

The Twin Cities metro area should reach the upper 50s Monday, followed by upper 40s in Tuesday. We’re expected to see highs in the lower 50s Wednesday and Thursday, then middle 50s on Friday.

Shower chance later this week

Most of Minnesota will have dry weather Monday through Wednesday.

There will be a shower chance for some of us Thursday and Friday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model shows the potential precipitation pattern Thursday through Friday:

NOAA GFS precipitation rate (mm/hour) Thursday through Friday, via tropicaltidbits

The color chart to the right of the loop refers to the precipitation rate (mm per hour), not to the total amount of rain.

Fall colors

If you’re planning some Sunday leaf-peeping, you’ll be interested in the latest fall color report from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

Minnesota DNR

Keep in mind that all deciduous trees are included in the fall color report, not just maples.

Wisconsin fall color report is also available.

Early November temps

The NWS Climate Prediction Center outlook for October 28 through November 3 shows a tendency for near-normal temps over Minnesota:

NWS Climate Prediction Center

Our average Twin Cities high temperature dips to 51 degrees by Halloween.

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