September tornadoes, damage reported in southern Minnesota

Call it a good forecast by the National Weather Service and local meteorologists. Severe thunderstorms ripped across southern Minnesota as advertised Thursday evening.

The nasty squall line produced numerous damage reports as it tore through.

Preliminary reports indicate several tornadoes skipped across southern Minnesota. Damage is reported in Northfield, Waseca, Faribault, Waterville, and Cannon Falls.


Several inches of rain fell across the Twin Cities Thursday. Numerous flood reports rolled into the Huttner Weather lab this evening.

Thankfully our weather quiets down as we head toward the weekend.



  • John Paulson

    Granada MN in Martin County has also been hit. This came from the Martin County Sheriff’s department.
    Martin County, MN Sheriff’s Office
    31 mins ·
    Update for the city of Granada:
    1) Roads in and out of the city of Granada are closed for at least 24 hours — exception only for city residents and evacuation
    2) The power company has advised that there will not be power in Granada for at least 24 hours
    3) There is a shelter set up in the school gym – local residents that have damage to their homes are encouraged to go to the school. Red Cross will be onsite with cots and other supplies.
    4) Cleanup crews will resume tree removal in the morning

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the crews work to clean up and restore power from this disaster.