Summer rolls on; sky show Wednesday night

It’s that time of year when it feels like summer will never end. But Minnesotans know better. Get ready to enjoy another string of 80-degree days ahead.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

Fog weather

Our longer August nights provide more time for temperatures to fall to the dew point in the early morning hours. Fog has been thick in spots. Remember, it can come up quick, like a curtain dropping down over your eyes in an instant.

Sky show this week

You may have noticed those bright planets in the southern sky after sunset. It’s a rare confluence of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in the southern sky all week long. Scan the southern sky after sunset this week for a celestial treat.

Mendocino Complex fires as big as the Twin Cities

This tweet from the Twin Cities National Weather Service puts the biggest fire in California’s history in some sobering perspective.

Smoky west

The sheer volume of smoke in the west is remarkable.

  • Paul Ottaviano

    Concerning the visible planets – I live in mpls, and do not have a car so I went to Lake Calhoun. I actually did not know what to look for, but I think I saw them. To the very south I saw something with an orangish tinge to it. What else should I look for??