Spotty thundershowers today; 20-plus days of 90s this summer?

A slow moving cold front is sparking a few spotty thundershowers today. The front sags slowly southeast across Minnesota. Expect hit or miss thundershowers to give about 30-percent of us some rain today.

NOAA’s HRRR model paints scattered T-showers in and near the Twin Cities between about 3 and 7 pm this afternoon and evening.

NOAA HRRR model via tropical tidbits.

NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center does not paint any risk areas in Minnesota today. A few of the rain cells will produce locally heavy downpours and gusty winds.

Cooler front

Today’s cool front offers some fresh breezes this week. Highs run int he 80s the next few days, but refreshing 70s arrive next week. Here’s NOAA’s 10-day output for the Twin Cities.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Hot summer

We hit 92 degrees in the Twin Cities Monday. That’s the 17th day of 90-degree heat this summer. The annual average is 11 days. The medium range models suggest another heat dome across the Midwest later in August.


NOAA’s GFS model may be overdone, but it suggests another string of 90-degree days just in time for the State Fair.

NOAA via Meteostar.

Highs between 94 to 98 degrees may be overdone, but I could easily see the Twin Cities baking through 20+ days of 90-degree heat this summer.

Stay tuned.