A tale of two air masses across Minnesota

There’s quite a difference in air masses across Minnesota today. Temperatures and dewpoints crashed into the October-like 40s across northern Minnesota this morning. But a steamy summer-like air mass with dew points around 70-degrees lingers across southeast Minnesota.

Dewpoints Wednesday morning via NOAA.

Spotty showers south

The deeper moisture in southeast Minnesota is fuel for a few more spotty pop-up T-Storms today. The highest rain chances favor southeast Minnesota.

Temperature speed bumps ahead

Our weather pattern still looks mostly sunny and mostly dry into the weekend. Temperatures fall, then rise then fall again as we head into next week. The opening days of the Minnesota State Fair next week look pleasant with highs near 80. But heat builds after that.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

California fires acceleration

One way to clearly see the trends in large fires in California? Plot the timeline of the 20 largest fires in California history. There are a few factors contributing to increased fire damage in the west, but there is simply no way to recreate the trend without climate change.