P.M. shower and thunder chance; steamy next Saturday?

Our Sunday weather was very typical of July.

We had morning sunshine, followed by scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The high temperature at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was 82 degrees, just one degree shy of our average Twin Cities metro area high this time of year.

Our Monday will be similar to Sunday, with a chance of scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm in the Twin Cities metro area and southern Minnesota.

Minnesota highs will tend to be in the lower 80s, with some upper 70s for some spots to the north and west:

Twin Cities highs are expected to reach the low to mid 80s Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by upper 70s Thursday. Temps rebound on Friday, reaching the mid to upper 80s.

Saturday might feel a bit steamy.

There are signs that the metro area could reach the upper 80s on Saturday, with dew point temps in the mid 60s.

That will get those air-conditioners humming again!

Rain chances

Tuesday looks dry, with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms late Tuesday night and Wednesday.

We’ll have at least a chance of showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, and the timing of any rain will be a huge factor in our Saturday high temperatures.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model shows the potential precipitation pattern next Saturday:

NOAA GFS precipitation rate (mm/hour) Saturday and Saturday evening, via tropicaltidbits

The color chart to the right of the loop refers to the precipitation rate (mm per hour), not to the total amount of rain.

Warm second week in August?

We could be in for a warm stretch when we go into the second week of August.

The NWS Climate Prediction Center shows a tendency for warmer than normal temperatures in Minnesota during the August 6 through August 12 time frame:

NWS Climate Prediction Center

By the way, our average high temperature in the Twin Cities metro area is 83 degrees on August 1, and it doesn’t dip below 80 degrees until August 24.

I hope that you have a good week!