Delightful air mass arrives; unusual all-day summer rain Thursday?

A fresh air mass has invaded Minnesota. We could see the towering cumulus line along the frontal zone pushing through the Twin Cities on Doppler radars Sunday.

Dew points are in the 50s in most towns. Our fresh comfortable air mass is courtesy of our Canadian neighbors to the north. Notice last week’s gunky 70-degree dew points getting shoved as far south as Chicago on the map this afternoon.

Forecast dewpoints for 1 pm CDT Monday via NOAA.

Halfway point of summer

Today marks the halfway point of meteorological summer. I spoke with Dan Luna of the Twin Cities National Weather Service last weekend. He says so far this is the warmest start to meteorological summer on record in the Twin Cities.

Temperatures are running almost 4 degrees warmer than average so far this summer in the Twin Cities. Our 13 days of 90-degree recorded heat so far is average for an entire year.

We start the second half of summer on a delightfully pleasant note. Right now, I don’t see any 90s in the forecast for the next  one to two weeks.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Unusual storm Thursday

An unusual spring or fall-like low-pressure system winds up Thursday of this week.

Canadian GEM model, via tropical tidbits

The system could produce 1 to 3 inches of rain in some locations Thursday.


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