Year of the weather animal totem? ‘MPR Raccoon Heat Wave’ ahead

2018 is turning into the year of the weather animal in Minnesota. First, there was the Dayton’s Monkey Blizzard in April.

Now, the MPR Racoon Heat Wave in June?

Minnesota panda nice Wednesday

No matter what weather animal totem you may revere, Wednesday’s forecast is about as Minnesota panda nice as it gets. We enjoy plenty of ladybug sunshine and butterfly mild temperatures today. Dew points hover in the armadillo-dry 40s today.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Lizard-level heatwave ahead

Southerly winds blow again tomorrow. Our air mass turns salamander sticky as dew points rise back into the 60s. Highs push 90 again by Friday, and scorpion-level heat builds this weekend as highs push 95 degrees.

Forecast temperatures, via NOAA and Weather Bell

Suffocating dew points

Throw in some boa constrictor suffocating tropical humidity with dew points in the eely 70s and heat index values will top 100 degrees. Bison-like storms will rumble across the northern half of Minnesota this weekend.

More bearable next week

Relief from the heat arrives next week. Highs pull back into the 70s and 80s.

NOAA, via Weather Bell

I can’t wait to see which weather animal totem shows up next.

  • Kim Hislop


  • Philip A. Rutter

    What, no pangolins? capybaras? aardvarks? bandicoots? desmans? star-nosed moles? 🙂 Not to mention ton-tons and heffalumps?