Happy astronomical summer! Brighter skies ahead

It looks like we’ll see more sunshine the next few days. The stubborn low-pressure system that slogged through Iowa this week is finally moving on. Watch the low and it’s showery arc crawl east into Michigan over the next couple days on NOAA’s NAM 3 km resolution model.

NOAA via tropical tidbits.

Heavy rainfall in southwest Minnesota

Multi-inch rainfall totals fell overnight in southwest Minnesota.

No big heat waves

So far the Twin Cities has logged an impressive 8 days at or above 90 degrees this year. Our annual average is 11 days so we’re ahead of that pace. We bounce a few degrees either side of 80 for the next few days. Highs closer to 90 are likely as we close out June.

NOAA via tropical tidbits.

Rivers still running high

Astronomical summer arrives

Mets unite

Meteorologists across the country today are showing their stripes in awareness of climate change.

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