Gusty winds as thunderstorms move by

Gusty winds around storms 

Thunderstorms that have not been otherwise severe have produced some unusual and interesting wind outflow today behind the storms. Winds have gusted to 50 to 60 mph and downed some trees in central Minnesota.

Gusty winds to around 50 mph are possible in the Twin Cities and eastern the storms pass through this evening. The process behind these winds are unusual and may be the result of a gravity wave or thunderstorm wake low.

Heavy rainfall across central Minnesota

Thunderstorms across Minnesota produced some heavy rainfall Monday. Several locations in central Minnesota picked up 3″ to 4″ rainfall totals.  Doppler storm total rainfall mode paints a swath of 3″+ rainfall totals in central Minnesota.

Beautiful air mass arrives Tuesday

The air mass behind our front is pleasantly cool and dry. Highs in the 70s will rule most of Minnesota Tuesday with highs near 80 in southern Minnesota.


Hot and sticky by Saturday

Heat and humidity return late this week. Highs push 90 by Saturday in the Twin Cities.

NOAA via Weather Bell.