Drying out for now; 2nd warmest May on record

This week’s deluge tapers off in the next 24 hours. Many Minnesota towns picked up 1″ to 2″+ rainfall totals this week. Kenyon and other towns south of the Twin Cities picked up more than 3″ this week.

Drier skies ahead

A few showers linger over northeast Minnesota Thursday. But most of us stay dry until Saturday. NOAA’s GFS picks up on the next wave of storms pushing east from the Dakotas into Minnesota Saturday.

NOAA GFS Thursday to Saturday via tropical tidbits.

Not as hot

Temperatures moderate from ugly hot to pretty darn nice as we head into the weekend. Right now Sunday looks like the sunnier and less humid day of the weekend.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Heat returns in June?

I still think we’re in for a hot summer. Our 6 straight days of 90+ degree heat was a record for May. The upper air pattern shows signs of returning into the hot zone with more 90s as we move deeper into June.


Weather whiplash

We shivered through the 4th coldest April on record in the Twin Cities. Now we’re on track for the 2nd warmest May. So far the average temperature at MSP Airport for May is 67.5 degrees. If we finish close to this number it will be the 2nd warmest May on record in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota DNR Climate Working Group.

Welcome to Minnesota.