Spring flooding peaks next few days

Minnesota rivers are on the rise. Several rivers are now in flood stage. Most will crest in the next few days. It seems like the Crow River near Mayer, Minn., runs across local roadways every spring. This year is no different.

Minnesota River and tributaries 

The melt from heavy snow the past few weeks is sending many rivers out of bank in southwest Minnesota.

The Redwood River at Marshall, Minn., has crested in moderate flood stage and is now falling.

The Cottonwood River at New Ulm, Minn., will crest in moderate flood stage early Thursday.

Most locations along the Minnesota River are forecast to crest in minor to moderate flood range in the next few days. Here’s the hydrograph for the Minnesota at Montevideo, Minn.

Mississippi at St. Paul 

All that water runs downhill. In Minnesota, that’s St. Paul

Some roads and trails are already underwater.

The good news for flooding is our weather will be relatively dry through the weekend.

Relatively mild

Our early spring weather pattern holds into the weekend. Highs then push the 70s early next week.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

Taste of summer ahead?

The longer range outlooks continue to tease us with the potential for summer-like heat. The latest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Global Forecast System 16-day outputs suggest highs in the 80s within two weeks.

NOAA, via Meteostar

Stay tuned.