Friday The 13th: Wicked storm cranks up overnight through Saturday

It’s on.

We’ve already seen everything from severe thunderstorms with wind damage to snow, hail, sleet and graupel.

And this may be the first, but not the last report of thundersnow we’ll get.

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Big picture: Massive April storm

Talk about a photogenic storm.

Snowfall still on track

I still think 6″ to 12″ is a overall good range for much of Minnesota. But this system has the potential to produce some locally higher totals. Yes, there could be some 12″ to 18″ totals by Sunday night.

Ice potential

We may get some light icing in the Twin Cities tonight. But the best potential for a serious coating of glaze ice favors southeast Minnesota.

Wind gusts to 50 mph will cause serious problems with this system.

Stay safe out there!


  • Steve Schumacher

    There is a dry slot running north from Texas across Oklahoma and Kansas. You can see smoke streaming from Oklahoma to the north. Oklahoma had Red Flag fire weather with rh 9% and winds gusting to 40 mph. A dangerous day across the plains.