Springlike Wednesday ahead; a shot at 50 Sunday?

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” — Hal Borland

Being Minnesotan requires a little faith this time of year. The sun shines warmer each day. But lingering chilly breezes and pesky snow cover reminds us March is often still more winter than spring at 45-degrees north latitude.

The atmosphere’s wintry hangover is slow to ease.

Snow piles and sun in a March sky. Paul Huttner | MPR News

Searching for 50 degrees

The last time the mercury hit 50 degrees in the Twin Cities was on Dec. 4. We made a valiant run with 47 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Feb. 28. The average date for the first 50 in the Twin Cities is March 2, but it varies greatly from year to year.

Pleasant Wednesday

Wednesday feels like early spring. We’ll mix some sun and clouds with lighter winds and mild temperatures. It’s going to feel good out there. Especially in micro-climates with sunny southern exposures.

Wednesday’s high temperature map reminds us that warmer temperatures are pooling this time of year no far to our southwest. They’ll get here. Eventually. Golf in Des Moines, Iowa, or Omaha, Neb., anyone?

Temps near 45 will feel good out there Wednesday afternoon. We hit a minor speed bump Thursday and Friday. The weekend trends milder again.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Weather Bell

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts is cranking out 50 degrees at MSP Sunday afternoon.

Snowy Boston

As expected, snow totals are piling up around Boston.

SKYWARN Training

Here’s another SKYWARN training opportunity this week.

  • Bob H.

    //March is still more often winter than spring.// Would that it were not so. Wintery hangover, indeed.