Minnesota melt is on; Boston gets a foot

We’re in snow melt mode across Minnesota this week.

Snow depth as of Monday morning varies widely across the Upper Midwest. There’s still plenty of snow up north to play in.

Snow depth, via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Thaw kicks in

Milder Pacific air and a higher March sun angle now equivalent to late September will work on melting snow this week. We’ll still have some snow piles on the side of the road, but many lawns will be snow free in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota by Friday.

Temps in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota make a run at 50 degrees later this week.

NOAA, via Weather Bell

True spring ahead?

I can’t say yet that we’re done with snow. But the trend looks encouraging for those who are ready for spring. The upper-air pattern appears ready to go into spring mode as the jet lifts steadily north the next two weeks. We may still get a few cooler lurches, but the trend is milder.


A shot at 60 this month?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System 16-day temperature output has sputtered out some 60s and even 70s on a few runs. The more likely scenario is more consistent 50s to near 60 as we move into the last week of March.

NOAA, via Meteostar

Saty tuned.

Boston get hammered again

Our tranquil weather gain is Boston’s pain this week.

Another nor’easter rakes the northeast coast tonight and Tuesday. Heavy snow and high winds will hammer Boston late tonight and Tuesday.

NOAA, via tropical tidbits