Luck of the Irish: Nice St. Patty’s Day weekend

Southern Minnesota rides the edge of a light but icy wintry mix overnight.

Minnesota’s weather looks favorable for the upcoming St. Patty’s Day weekend. High pressure builds in, and that means sunny skies and mild afternoons. Highs in the 40s will be common Saturday. Temperatures will push the 50 degree mark from the Twin Cities north and east.

Head north?

Localized pine tree effect and downslope winds will likely produce 50s again along the North Shore and in the forests of northern Minnesota.

Temperature hit another minor speed bump early next week, then recover.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Minnesota Winters: Losing our icy reputation

This piece in The New York Times confirms what we’ve known in Minnesota for a few decades now. These are not your grandparents Minnesota winters anymore. 23 of the past 30 winters in Minnesota have been warmer than the 20th century average.